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A Journey of Tea Sutra

Tea sutra was brought into being by Akuppa and Yoshi. Yoshi imbibed quality teas from his infancy in Tokyo (we would say with his mother’s milk, but green tea would not work really with that). Akuppa’s childhood experience of tea was mostly limited to gluing the backs of PG Tips tea cards, but a tea epiphany occurred some years later in a certain small teahouse in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona. Struck by the owner’s refusal to sell coffee, on the grounds that it would disturb the aroma of the tea, he realised that tea was not just a drink, but an atmosphere, an aesthetic and a way of life. This started a quest that led to the west end of Glasgow, around the narrow streets of old Prague and eventually back to Newcastle.

Blue and White China

tea journey since 2011

And so it was that, in August 2011, in Newcastle upon Tyne the city of Earl Grey, a world teahouse opened its doors – its lineage tracing back to the old Cha-Mise of Japan, as well as to the eclectically Oriental subterranean tchaiovna of Bohemia.

Young couple

Tea & Wellness

What these two have in common is not only an appreciation of fine tea, but also a long association with calm contemplation, convivial conversation and wellbeing. The inclusion of the Wellness Therapy Rooms was thus a natural one, drawing originally from Yoshi’s training in the healing arts of Thai traditional massage 

Tea Plantation
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